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Monday, January 7, 2008

Hey Now.....

What's shakin all you lovely folks?
i finally went and did it....i started a blog.
my main purpose of this is to spread the word of my etsy shop and hopefully meet some kind folks along the way.
i guess you want to know a bit about me......well.....i'm a mama of three beautiful daughters. they mean the world to me :) they keep me young and they keep me busy! when i have time i like to make things....all sorts of things. my mind is so cluttered with new ideas right now. i'm excited to get to work on them. i like to sleep in and stay up late (which doesn't work so well with 3 young children) and i like to randomly and frequently give hugs. i don't like to use capitalization when i type and.......i like to do this a lot.........
i hope to add many more goods to my shop this month and get the hang of this here blog.
dig it.
hope all is well with each and every one of you.
~i bid you goodnight~

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