eco~friendly crafting in the high desert

Friday, February 29, 2008

happy leap day! i have a good feeling about today...just a sense that it will pack a few nice surprises. i've been getting a lot of sewing done the past week but before things are 100% completed ...i start something else. at least i will have some new things to list in the shop this weekend. that seems to be when i get my most traffic and sales. i've got almost all of my spring cleaning done, just have to do a bit more yard work. it's supposed to rain sunday...i hope it holds off till then because saturday is when i plan to work on the yard! i work part time (meaning just fridays) in an that is where i'm headed today. booooooo! i can't wait til my dye gets here!!! all my hemp fabric is just sitting there desperatly wanting to soak in the tub. hopefully it will arrive soon and before the family gets here for their visit! time to get ready for work i guess..
hope you all have a most excellent day.


Plaidfuzz said...

Good luck on a productive day!


I think all artists have that cannot finish must start something new :) I know I do!