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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

hello folks! i thought i'd throw these cool pictures of shiprock on here today. they were taken from the lonely stretch of road right off hwy 497 (previously hwy 666). there's a dirt road you take to get right to the base of the's 17 miles! the first picture was taken without using zoom....doesn't look like 17 miles huh? pretty crazy. when we first moved out here we drove up to it and had a picnic, when you stand at the base it looks like it's leaning towards you. little did we know....this is a very sacred place and you're not supposed to drive up to it. oops! there were also folks out there climbing...which is prohibited. they may need to put up a sign somewhere letting folks know these things! it used to be an underwater volcano and what is left here is the core of it. it stands over 1700 feet tall.

anyways...i'm just taking a break from making a few things for the shop :) i've got a very funky bag i hope to finish up and list by this evening and some coaster sets. i might make another scrappie too, just depends on how cooperative the little ones are today! i ordered new hemp fabric....some hemp silk and some lightweight hemp/cotton. it should be here any day! i'm going to try my hand at dyeing this time around. i can't wait :) i need to order some dye and some other supplies today. i keep putting it off because i can't decide which colors to get! i wish i could get them all ;) well time to make lunch and put the kids down for a nap. have a great day everyone....hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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island sweet said...

you seem to love colour as much as i do! i'm poised to start dyeing yarn. can hardly wait... let us know how it goes.