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Saturday, February 2, 2008

time to relax....

hello folks! i've been busy,busy!! besides FINALLY finishing up some half done projects, i made another wrist wrap, a tote, started a custom market tote order and made this pretty little custom 'relax yah pack'. i love purple, it's such a happy color :) just like all my's filled with 100% natural flax seed. this one also has 100% pure lavender essential oil. yummy! my packs are freezer/microwave safe and they help with everything from headaches to colic! i may have a wholesale order for these and my boo~boo packs soon, keep your fingers crossed for me!!! alright....time for me to clean up a bit and get some much needed sleep. hope everyone is having a great weekend :)
~blessed be~

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Anonymous said...

I love these packs. My sister bought me one last year and I use it almost every night. This purple one is beautiful.