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Friday, July 11, 2008

My Poor Little Blog

Alright...I've really been neglecting my blog as of late. Summer has been treating me fine...camping trips and swimming a lot. The 4th was fun :)
Planning our wedding has kind of consumed me besides that. A lot of it is DIY stuff so that's where my mind has been! Besides my dress (which will eventually be considered green when one of my daughters wears it) we are really staying on track. Our centerpieces will be recycled jars holding soy candles and recycled wine bottles holding some organic flowers. All of the other flowers will be organic as well. yay :) We decided to have our wedding in Colorado and bumped the date up to July 22nd, 2009. More of our friends and family can come now and we're super excited to spend a week up in the mountains with everyone celebrating!!
As for my etsy shop....I havent listed anything new in soooo long. That will all change soon though! I'm making some new curtains for our house next week then I'll start on some new stuff. Was good to take a break for a while. My brain can only concentrate on a few things at a time :)
Hope everyones having a good summer so far!

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