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Friday, August 15, 2008

adventures in tub dyeing

i'm finally posting some pics from my first experience in hand dyeing! this was a couple of batches using my hemp/cotton blend fabric and i used yucca and camel dye from dharma trading. it was super easy and my pieces turned out streaks or flecks. i rock :)
here's a before picture of the hemp/cotton fabric(on top) and my hemp/silk blend. the little canisters are the dyes and the bag of white stuff is soda ash...that's the stuff that sets the color in the fabric.

here i am in my bandit gear. i'm dyeing a piece using the camel dye here. this came out a little lighter than expected but i can make another batch darker by just using more of the powder next time :)

this is the yucca batch soaking. i'm really lovin this color. here's a finished look at how it came out :)

i am officially addicted to dyeing now. it's fun to experiment and see what colors and shades you can come up with depending on the amount you use, temperature of the water and how long you let it soak it all up. i'm making a bag out of these two'll be in my etsy shop next week.

off to pack for our trip to the mountains now. hope everyone has a great weekend!


AshleySpatula said...

Very interesting! I have always wanted to try that. The blue is beautiful :)

Lemon Shortbread said...

the blue came out pretty! dyeing is fun, especially to experment colours =) thanks for visiting my blog too!

Nora said...

Gorgeous! Dyeing is my SO much fun! I have to go check out your shop now!