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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

passing on the wisdom

i started teaching our oldest daughter how to sew and guess what? she loves it! her first project was a bag that she plans on taking her lunch to school in. we went to joanne fabrics at she picked out what she wanted...a really cute print :)

i cut out all the pieces for her and she did everything else on her own!

as she was sewing she said "hey mom, now we'll be fighting over the sewing machine!" too funny..but probably true. she goes back to school tomorrow (boooo!) so at least the machine's all mine during the day :)

she did such a great job....i'm so proud of her!! once she has a few things made we're going to let her start her own etsy shop,with my help. she wants to make some buttons too to put in there. i'm so glad she likes to create!

hope you enjoyed the pics. have a great day folks!


Walk in the Woods said...


I love to see our future learning the practical skills of lasting virtue! :) I remember learning to sew as a kid, first with needle and thread and hand . . . then on to machine. My mother used to sew, but once I gained some skill, she would have me put in all her zippers and do much of the detailed finishing.

Yay for your daughter!!!

Hecate RavenMoon said...

Blessed be.
I like your page. I look forward to coming here. Keep up th good work.

I will come here often to read and comment.

have a great week.