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Monday, August 11, 2008


i finally came back to my blog and my computer suddenly dies :( it was a bad week without it! but i'm back in business now with a super computer...i love her.

so i've been making a lot of custom goods as of late. which is cool....i love working with someone to create something that is truly unique and that they love! i've also been making some things for our house. it's amazing how a room can change by adding some new funky curtains or mod podging a lamp. we got a bunkbed off freecycle for the kids and are going to repaint it this week too. i'll post some before/after pics when it's all done.

we're off to the mountains this weekend for a much needed break from life. i can't wait!!! we're going to a new area this'll be good times. hopefully we don't encounter anything that'll try to eat us. i heard a week or 2 ago that up near denver a mountain lion went through someones window and killed their dog while they were sleeping. crazy, eh?
i can't believe how summer is just zipping right by. i'm glad the weather stays nice here through October. i'm not ready for the cold again.

anyways...the pics of hand dyed hemp are coming soon i promise! think i'll go dye some more up right now! happy day folks :)

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Becca said...

I love that bag :)