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Monday, September 22, 2008

back in business....

so last week was fun! my guy had a nice long week off from work and we visited with his brother from pennsylvania. they went up to ouray,colorado and did some off roading and brought back these sweet i thought i'd share!

i love this picture of an old mine they snagged.....and the lake is so pretty!
dan had never been out west exploring colorado was a must! he got sick a few times going up the mountain,but it was from the drinking the night before and not altitude sickness. they were pretty high up there though! they spent a whole day checking out some excellent trails.

they had a killer little jeep too :)

here's another funky old mine...well, what's left of it anyways. pretty amazing that these are still standing considering how old they are and how harsh the weather is up there. it was in the high 80's here when they left and it was snowing on part of their trip over the pass.

i've got a lot more pics to share...but i think i'll save those for another day ;)
hope you liked!
i'll be back to blogging everyday now...i've got a lot of new creations in the works to share with you. be sure to check out my shop.
lots of new goodies will be added almost daily in the next few weeks.
~have a grateful day~


Kari said...

Those are some wonderful pics, looks like you had a lot of fun!

Emmy Lou said...

oh my in-laws REALLY wanted to go over to Ouray when they visited us here in the valley, but it didn't happen. nice pics