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Friday, September 5, 2008


so glad it's friday! i have much to do today. i had 4 sales this week....yay :) I actually got them all late wednesday night. so i'll be shipping those out today. hopefully september will continue to be a good month for the shop! i had planned to get a bunch of sewing in yesterday but my headache just wouldn't wake up. i went to bed with it wed. and still have it. such a yucky thing to wake up with a headache....again. i hardly ever get them but when i do it's pretty bad. i can't take anything for it either. i'm allergic to everything over the counter...tylenol,advil,aleve,you name it. quite the bummer. my packs help a lot though...but with the kiddos, i can't just lay on the couch with the pack on my head all day :( i'm just going to work through it today and hopefully it'll go away soon!
on the agenda today...2 new bags and a wallet. i can't wait to finish these babies up. they're all cut out and one is half sewn. they're just sitting they're waiting for some stitches! i should have them all in my shop by tonight.
before i can start my sewing i must tackle the enormous pile of laundry that needs folded and wash some dishes. always fun.
hope everyone is feeling fine and has a super weekend!


Etsy Green and Clean Guild - EGCG said...

Congrats on the sales!!
Hope you have a headache-free weekend. :)

sherry said...

I think we both need those little elves to come help us with the laundry. Feel better.

Art By MAR said...

Congrats on the sales! My Sept. started off good too so here's to it continuing for us both. Hope your headache goes away soon. I really feel for you not being able to take anything for it. Headaches are hard when you have kids.

shells said...

Thank you for the congrats! And congrats to you for the sales this week - hope it keeps going well for you :) You make some lovely things.

Paper Girl Productions said...

Congrats on your sales :)

Infinite Cosmos said...

neato on the sales!! sales are always fun. This weekend has been our slowest weekend since we began selling on etsy which is crazy!! i actually don't have to spend monday morning at the post office which is nice but still, i don't mind having orders, ya know?
anyways, i hope your headache is old news by now and you're feeling fresh as a daisy! take care mama :-)
oh and thanks so much for the kind words on the eco friendly blog!!