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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

sneezes and coffee

trying to get my day started....and it is ....slowly. my little ones are much better today. fevers are gone but sneezes and snot are still very present. took our oldest to the hospital to get her blood work done yesterday and just waiting on the doctor to call us with the results. she woke up this morning with yet another lump on her neck,just above the first...not sure if this one is from the cold or what. so....she's home with us today. i'm going to let her mod podge some cans for her etsy shop today. she made some funky recycled gift tags about a week ago but she's waiting until she gets a few more things to list them in her etsy shop. she's so excited about it. i'll be sure to put up a special post when she opens up!
i'm determined to get some things sewn up today and maybe dye some more fabric. at the post office yesterday, the lady who waited on me asked for one of my business cards! she's always glad to help me when i come in sending off one of my relax yah packs because they smell so good!speaking of those....only 2 days left to enter to win one! just click here and don't forget to leave an email address so you can be contacted if you win!
well, guess i'd better get moving and get some things done.
~hope you all have a beautiful day~


Inklings and Imprints said...

Good luck - hope you get some great work done! Your work looks lovely.

Sarah Jane said...

I'm so sorry that your kids are sick. I hope they recover soon!

LaAlicia said...

mr yuck mouth describes just what it's like to be sick! icky! hope your little ones are on the mend! *sending you healthy thoughts*

Mary Ann said...

It's so hard when your little ones are sick. Hope they feel better soon and you get some work done.

earth and sun folk said...

thanks for the well wishes for our little boogers!