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Wednesday, October 22, 2008 i'm finally back to my blog. the last week and a half have just been busy,busy and i never found time to update! to make up for it this post it packed full of pics from our colorado trip last weekend :) we had an amazing time,despite the weather at times.

this is a picture of the pinkerton hot springs right outside of durango. there used to be a bath house where folks could soak in the pools here back in the 20's.
we stoped and warmed our hands up in the nice warm water. felt great on such a chilly day!

the leaves were all changing and were so beautiful! i do miss the different shades or reds and oranges that the trees have back east in pennsylvania....but pennsylvania doesn't have mountains like these either.

this was on camp bird road in ouray. there were tons of super high waterfalls coming off this sheer mountainside. it had just stopped raining and there was an awesome fine mist in the air.
these views can be seen from the cabin we're renting for our wedding in july. i'm so excited that we found the perfect place. it really doesn't get better than this. i'll post pictures of the cabin another day.....this post is picture heavy enough!

another gorgeous view of the misty mountains. actually this is red mountain...but you know what i mean :)
above is a view of cascade falls from the back deck of the cabin. this is what we'll see when we're getting married! it rushes a lot faster in the summer though, of course. it meets up with a river at the bottom of the canyon to the left of the cabin.

red mountain pass is an amazing drive and if you're ever in colorado i highly recommend you take it! in some parts there are literally only a foot or less between you and thousands of feet's insane. i can't imagine being the first people to venture through this part of the country. talk about tough! there are tons of ghost towns up here. we didn't get to visit them this time but we'll be checking them out next summer. most you have to four wheel to get to. there are some that are nothing more than piles of wood now but there are plenty of buildings, houses and mills still standing. it's really hard to believe they've been able to withstand the harsh winters after being abandoned for so long. somehow, the remain.

on our way up the weather was bad. a few times we hit spots where tall pines were laying over the road and folks were busy chopping away to clear it as a police officer was trying to direct traffic. there's not much he could do though. there's nowhere to turn around really all you can do is sit and wait!

this is the only picture that really captured just how bad the weather got. this is at about 1 in the afternoon. as we got higher the rain turned to snow. there was nothing stopping us from our well deserved weekend away though.....and we kept on truckin.

the roads were a bit slick in a few spots but besides the trees down it really wasn't too bad. the worst part was getting stuck behind some tractor trailers a few times....and we finally managed to get around those.

before we knew it, the skies started to clear up. we drove through some funky fast moving clouds at some points. i took some videos....i'll try to post them some other day. they were crazy i've never seen clouds so low (although we were pretty high up) and moving so fast!

we finally made it though, without any problems. here we are at the cabin. the town of ouray sits at something like 7,300 feet. to get to the cabin you take a little dirt road up 1,700 feet in a little over 3 miles. words can't really describe it up there.

hope you enjoyed the pictures! i'll be getting back to business now with the blog. nice to take a break every now and then though.


Debbie Gootter said...

Great shots- thanks for sharing

Walk in the Woods said...

Beautiful ... wow! What a lovely adventure! Thanks so much for sharing it with us all.

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spectacular photos...tfs

Etsy Green and Clean Guild said...

wonderful pictures!! Thanks for sharing.

Infinite Cosmos said...

wow! Those are some amazing pics!! What a beautiful place :-)

RainbowMom said...

Amazing. I've always wanted to see Colorado and those picture just offer even more of a tease. Thanks for sharing. :) Peace!

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Beautiful pictures!