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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

it's been a while since i've blogged :( days just seem to be flying by as of late! the picture above is a new hair wrap i added to my etsy shop. would make a funky little scarf as well! i love pretty. i also added a new hemp wallet tonight. i have about 4 projects going right now that i really should've finished up tonight. i cant wait to get them done and added to the shop.
tonight we got hit with the worst snow storm i've ever seen here in new mexico. it's still super windy out but i don't think it's snowing anymore. it was so started with a thunderstorm and before you know it we have 5 inches of snow. it's freezing out...the wind takes your breath away and makes it feel like your lungs are going to freeze. i am done with winter. bring on the warmth mother nature!!!! i beg of you!!!
i'm going to go dream of spring now.
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