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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

good morning all you beautiful people! yay!! my sis, amy hits the road today...they'll be here sometime tomorrow. i can't wait!!!! we're gonna have so much fun :) and it'll be nice to relax once they're here. i've been running around like crazy the past week or so. i cleaned the frick out of my house and did a bunch of yard work(still need to do a bunch more) between freecycle and goodwill i gave away about 5 huge garbage bags of stuff :) freecycle rocks.
i finished up my latest custom order late last night..isn't it pretty? my customer picked out the fabrics and how she wanted it to look. i'm popping it in the mail today....i can't wait till she gets it :) shes such a sweetheart and was such a pleasure doing business with! i love my customers!!
i'm in such a happy mood today.....i haven't even had my coffee yet. i think i'll go make some and do the happy dance. have a great day folks!

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island sweet said...

how beautiful your work is! have a lovely relaxed visit with your sister...