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Monday, March 3, 2008

i made the front page again last night! it was another one of my wallets :) it didn't sell but i got a lot of traffic and hearts for my shop because of it! i feel so lucky to have made it up there again...and to be featured amongst these talented etsians just made my day,my week,my year!
i should be sewing right now...i'm taking a little break though. i have a custom order i need to get done quickly(since we have family coming to visit) and i want to get a few more things finished before esther goes into the shop.
i'm so excited about this custom order i'm's a matching purse and wallet and she'd like one of my relax yah packs too. i love being able to put together a beautiful piece that the buyer envisioned. makes me happy to make others happy!
anyways...hopefully it'll warm up was 70+ on saturday then it snowed last night. what the hell is that? at least i got some yard work done. our oldest daughter turns 10 on sunday and we usually are able to have the party in the backyard...not so sure this year! send warm, fuzzy vibes everyone!
i'd better get back to work. hope you all have an excellent day!
~fare the well~


earmark said...

i saw that front, it was a gorgeous treasury! i love your blog!!

this is me sending warm fuzzies your way!! :-{)

island sweet said...

i don't know if i can send warm vibes from this cold north atlantic island of newfoundland, but i'll try. wonderful about the front page!

Secret Jewellz said...

Congratulations on making the front page. The colors of the treasury look gorgeous.

earth and sun folk said...

thanks everyone!!
~cyber hugs~

Casey said...

Wow, congrats! That was a great treasury. I hope like crazy I get on the front page someday!