eco~friendly crafting in the high desert

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

we had a busy weekend here. our youngest turned 2 and we had everyone over for her birthday party. she was so excited....was pretty cute! there were bubbles floating through the air all afternoon.
it was also a package happy last couple of days. it's strange....i wont get anything in the mail for weeks but when i do i get a bunch at once. my bamboo fabric came from ms. marlena @ infinitecosmos. i'm washing it right now and plan on dyeing some of it later this afternoon. hopefully i'll have some bamboo creations in my shop soon! and of course i have about 4 half finished projects to get in there as well. i'm being featured in 2 blogs coming up soon, so i'm trying to get my shop stocked as much as possible.
another package i got this weekend was from my aunt. i had asked her if she had any pictures of my grandparents and she sent me some really great ones. when i get a chance maybe i'll share a few on the blog.
the day is slipping away and i have much to do. hope this finds everyone with a smile on their face!


Pretty Fun said...

The picture of the bubbles is so fun!

Keys and Memories said...

Great shot- bubbles always make me smile.